Custom Stop-Motion Puppets & Models

Some information for those thinking of ordering a puppet or creature from me and some extra for those who already have!

I work mostly with old-school latex sculpting for my puppets, as opposed to (the more modern) silicone. Also I use deformable aluminium frame armatures as opposed to (much more labour intensive) ball and socket armatures. These each have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the major ones to mention are:

- Much cheaper to build armatures.
- Armatures are quicker to build but skins and cast parts are slower due to the nature of having to layer multiple slow drying coats.
- Less durable due to the aluminium stressing and breaking over prolonged heavy use (thankfully nothing any client has experienced with any of my puppets so far, but I mention it because it is always a possibility, they don't last forever!)

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an email at:

The Process

- Contact me with your ideas and any drawings you have for your character.
- Once the details and designs have been worked out, I will get a quote of the price to you.
- 10% of the full price is paid as a deposit.
- Materials are ordered and I begin construction of your piece.
- You're free to message me with alterations, questions e.t.c. as it goes (please bear in mind, if anything requires major rebuilding from the original designs there will be additional costs, but small changes are welcome!)
- Once the item(s) are completed I will get some photos to you of the finished item(s) and request the remainder of the payment.
- Once received, I ship the item to you (always with some form of tracking details).

Other Important Information

- Latex can sometimes cause skin irritation so please make sure you take the proper precautions when handling the puppets. Obviously some use more than others so be aware of which part of your item can take more handling than others!.
- When you recieve your puppet, there maybe be a fine white powder coating it. This is nothing to worry about! It is simply talcum powder which I use to keep the latex from sticking to itself. This will rub off with handling, but you can simply dust it back on with a light brush to keep it smooth and soft.
- Almost all puppets will have at least one mounting point for any rigging. This will usually be in the mid back or high back. Further ones will be in the soles of any feet, unless otherwise requested.
- Eyes will usually have a hole in them to allow for easy repositioning with a needle.
- Clothing is usually glued together, sometimes directly onto the puppet, unless removable clothing is requested (and possible). This keeps it held together firmly and allows for a faster build than miniature hand-stitching.